County Weed Control

Most counties that provide their own weed control:

  • Dedicate one full-time employee for much of the summer
  • Hire two seasonal employees
  • Purchase and maintain one primary spray rig
  • Spend between $8,000 and $24,000 on chemicals each year
  • Cover at least half the county each year
  • Maintain herbicide applicator licenses and certifications
  • Provide proper herbicide storage
  • Properly dispose of herbicide containers
  • Keep up with the latest developments in herbicide and sprayer technology

Benefits of providing in-house county weed control:

  • The county has more control over how roadsides are managed. Sensitive areas such as gardens, bee hives, organic farms, prairie remnants and roadside wildflowers are protected.
  • Having someone on staff who knows how to apply herbicides and effectively control weeds is a great asset for roadside management and management of county recreation areas as well.
  • When the person overseeing the program lives in the county, personal pride and accountability become part of the equation, resulting in a more conscientious effort.