Sample Adjacent Landowner Notification

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P R A I R I E  C I T Y ,  I O W A  5 4 3 2 1

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DATE: MARCH 10, 2024




In order to encourage the establishment of native plant communities in our roadsides, different management techniques must be used along with our more traditional methods of mowing and spraying. Prescribed burning (not to be confused with wildfire) is any fire ignited by management actions to meet specific objectives. Goals of prescribed burns in terms of roadside management include stimulating growth of desirable species such as native grasses and flowers, impeding growth of undesirable species such as weeds and woody vegetation, and giving desirable species a competitive advantage over other species. In some instances, a prescribed burn may replace the need to use herbicides in the ROW. 

A prescribed burn for the right-of-way in the vicinity of your residence is scheduled for this spring. The burn will be conducted only by properly trained personnel and only under the safest conditions. The purpose of this memo is to notify you that a) a prescribed burn will take place, b) smoke will be produced in and around the vicinity of the burn for a short time, and c) this action may require minor traffic control around your residence. 


Specific location:

Right-of-way on Apple Avenue between 120th Avenue and 130th Avenue

For any questions, comments, or concerns about this notice, please contact:

Mike Jones, Roadside Manager/Weed Commissioner

Prairie County Secondary Roads Department

1234 Hwy 1

Prairie City, IA 54321