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The Tallgrass Prairie Center's "Plant Iowa Native" initiative is about connecting people with native plant resources.
If you're interested in planting or managing a prairie, this is a great place to start!

Plant Iowa Native resources include information about Iowa native plants, landscaping and restoration, as well as assistance in identifying incentive programs for conservation, habitat and watershed management.

Plant Iowa Native also maintains an up-to-date list of native seed vendors and service providers for everything from site preparation and planting to restoration and management, including prescribed (Rx) fire.

From backyard pollinator patches to large-scale watershed management, Iowa's native prairie plants are a functional, beautiful addition to the landscape. Find the information, vendors and professional services to make your prairie a success!


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Create wildlife habitat
Attract pollinators
Reduce and slow rainfall runoff
Prevent soil erosion
Improve water quality and soil health
Beautify the landscape
Preserve Iowa’s prairie heritage




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