Signage for Prairie Plantings

Roadside Vegetation Management sign in prairie planting

If you are a landowner looking for no mow/no spray signs, here are some options and where to purchase them. If you are using these signs for roadside plants, contact your state department of transportation or your county roads department to see if you also need to be on their no mow/no spray list. They may have no mow/no spray signs available free of charge as well. For the Iowa Department of Transportation, call 515-233-7729 or 515-239-1628 and for the appropriate county contact in Iowa, refer to this list.  

Don't see a sign that meets your needs? Custom sign shops may be able to help you create what you have in mind. Here are some tips for designing your own sign for printing obtained from the Monarch Joint Venture website.



MJV Signs

Monarch Joint Venture sells the signs above. They also have designs for a variety of larger signs that can be used for educational purposes such as along nature trails.