Prairie Reconstruction How-To Videos


How to Plan a Prairie Reconstruction

Do No Harm

Prescribed Fire

Planning a Prescribed Burn


Writing a Prescribed Burn Plan


Demonstration Burn

Conducting a Prescribed Burn


Post-Burn Greenup



Seed Mix Design

Designing Seed Mixes for Habitat


Designing a Seed Mix [Part 2/3]


Using a Seed Calculator [Part 1/2]


Prairie Seed Calculator Demo

Designing a Seed Mix [Part 1/3]


Designing a Seed Mix [Part 3/3]


Using a Seed Calculator [Part 2/2]

Seed Collection

Basics of Seed Collecting


Native Seed Drill Calibration

Introduction and Seed Mixing


Physical Calibration [Part 1/2]


Diverse Prairie Planting

Seed Classification and Sorting


Physical Calibration [Part 2/2]


Seeding Preparation

Compacted Soil and Prairie Seeding


Prairie Seedling ID

How to ID Prairie Seedlings [Part 1/2]

How to ID Prairie Seedlings [Part 2/2]


Prairie Management and Woody Species Control


Prairie Remnants

Restoring Prairie Remnants