The Species Production Guides for legumes provide specific information about growing each of these species for seed production. 

Scroll the list (alphabetized by scientific name) or press ctrl-f (or command-f) to search for any name in this page. 

A printable file (pdf) is also provided on each species page for those needing a print version.

This section is a work in progress. We will continue to add new species guides as they are completed.

  • Amorpha canescens / leadplant 

  • Astragalus canadensis / Canada milkvetch 

  • Baptisia alba / white wild indigo 

  • Baptisia bracteata / longbract wild indigo

  • Dalea purpurea / purple prairie clover 

  • Desmodium canadense / showy ticktrefoil 

  • Desmodium illinoense / Illinois ticktrefoil 

  • Glycyrrhiza lepidota / American licorice

  • Lespedeza capitata / roundhead lespedeza