Purchase a Root Specimen or Root Banner

People holding up root banner

Science museums, nature centers and other educational venues often want to teach about the underground life of the prairie. TPC Plant Materials Program Manager Laura Walter grows and preserves prairie root specimens in the "root pot" facility on the UNI campus. It takes at least three years plus materials, equipment and labor to produce a good quality root. Even with all of this attention, only a portion of the starting plants will turn into beautiful preserved specimens. 

The Prairie Roots Project is entirely self-supporting, meaning that we need to cover all costs for staff time, equipment, materials, shipping and handling. Therefore, we charge $2,200 per root specimen plus $50 shipping, and $200 per banner (shipping included).  

For more information about purchasing a root specimen contact Laura.Walter@uni.edu. To purchase a root banner, contact Anne.Phillips@uni.edu.