Prairie Seeds for Counties

A yellow tag reading "Source Identified Seed" on a white seed bag.

Native Seed for County Rights-of-Way

Since 1998, Iowa Roadside Management at UNI has received funds from the Iowa DOT’s Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) to purchase native seed for county road rights-of-way. Using this funding, the Iowa Roadside Management statewide coordinator organizes the bulk purchase of locally grown native seed, creating diverse seed mixes appropriate for use in all roadside conditions. Counties with IRVM plans then submit requests to the Iowa Roadside Management statewide coordinator for this seed.

Each year, approximately 1,000 acres worth of seed is distributed to counties. Images and information can be found at the National Transportation Alternatives Clearinghouse. Also, read more about native seed production.

A map of Iowa showing the number of years each county has received native seed for their roadsides.

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Contact us with questions about the native seed program or to request native seed for your county with an IRVM plan.