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Native Seed Email Group

This is a listserv for anyone involved with or interested in the native seed supply in Iowa and our broader region. Members will be able to send messages and pose questions to the group.

Subscribers to the Native Seed Scoop will receive an invitation soon. 

If you are interested in joining, send an email to laura.walter@uni.edu


2020 Native Seed Stakeholder Meeting 

Twenty-seven native seed stakeholders from Iowa and other Midwestern states met with TPC staff, AmeriCorps members, and UNI students on March 4, 2020 to celebrate 30 years of the Iowa Ecotype Project and discuss challenges and opportunities for the regional native seed market going forward.

Panelists included representatives from Allendan Seed Company, Iowa DOT, Iowa NRCS, and Xerces Society.

In order to support a diverse and sustainable native seed market going forward, participants identified needs in the following areas:

  • Research into native seed testing and production and establishment and management of plantings
  • Communication among stakeholders
  • Education of staff and clients, targeted marketing, and outreach to the public
  • Intersections of policy, practice, and research

Click the buttons below for a video of the morning sessions and a report summarizing the full meeting (including synthesis of outcomes).

Video: Native Seed Stakeholder Panel Discussion

Report: 2020 Native Seed Stakeholder Meeting


2019 Meeting Summary

Response to the extreme spike in demand for native forb seed following the roll-out of the pollinator mix (CP-42) for Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) plantings.

  • 2015-2017, over 230,000 acres of pollinator CRP were planted in Iowa alone
  • high demand for forb seed resulted in price increases and ripple effects through the native seed supply chain

Nearly 50 participants from 4 states representing a range of perspectives on native seed - seed producers, consumers, conservation professionals, researchers, and regulators

Key takeaways:

  • a draft model of the native seed supply chain to increase understanding of how its parts interact
  • a set of suggestions for improving the seed plan development process (direct communication between suppliers and field offices, improved efficiency)
  • ideas for increasing communication among seed producers so that they can share best practices and learn about policy changes
  • questions about seed mix design and planting practices that could be addressed through research
  • clarification of the issues around seed quality assurance
  • other research questions – seed testing variability, methods for improving production plot longevity/productivity, market research for source-identified seed

For detailed information, see: Report on Native Seed Stakeholders Meeting


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