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What birds, wildflowers, or insects can you find and share from the prairie?


Monarch Watch



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Insects Iowa



Seek by iNaturalist




BirdCast Cornell




-Tagging information, datasheet, ordering tag kits, and migration information found here: Tagging Monarchs

-Just want to report you found a tagged Monarch? Tag Recovery

-About the organization: About and Contact Info

-Click the logo to explore further!



-Monarch Butterfly Migration and Info: Journey North Monarchs

-Register to report your Monarch sightings

-Teaching resources for educators

-Interested in other migrators or wildlife? Click the logo and explore!



-eBird! - World’s largest birding community and community science platform - User friendly features to find, explore, and share

-Register today to start sharing your sights/sounds! Create account

-Click the logo for the website and ‘Explore’ to learn more by region, species, hotspots, bar charts, & more  

-Download the mobile phone app and head out to your closest prairie!




-Bumble Bee Watch - click the logo for easy steps on identifying and reporting our beloved pollinators!

-Bumble Bee Watch Sign Up page

-About and Contact page

-Tips for how to take good bee photos

-The mobile phone app is managed by ‘Birds in the Hand, LLC’; Download today and go see what you can find!




-iNaturalist - Identifying all things flora & fauna - click the logo for a simple rundown of how to share & report

-iNaturalist Sign Up page

-iNaturalist is a joint initiative of the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society

-Explore to see what others are sharing!




-Submit a sighting by adding a photo, date, and location

-Identify an insect from Iowa by uploading your photos

-Mobile app is called ‘Mobile Mapper.’ 




-Seek is a mobile phone app by iNaturalist that creates challenges and the ability to earn badges in friendly competition

-From kids to adults, it’s fun for the entire family to get outside and ID wildlife, plants, or fungi

-The Seek User Guide

-No registration is required and no user data is collected

-Click the logo to learn more!






-“What if I’m hearing a bird and I cannot see it?”

-BirdNET is a free mobile app developed by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology & the Chemnitz University of Technology that allows you to record bird call or song, the app analyzes the recording, and gives you immediate match results

-The app also gives one weblinks to learn more about the match results that were provided





-Birdcast: Bird migration forecasting in real time using weather surveillance radar

-Migration forecasting tools will resume March 1, 2021: Live Bird Migration Map

-Use their migration tools to help decide when to get outside and check on your local activity!