Tallgrass Prairie Center

Using Bison in Reconstructed Prairie Management - Discussion

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 - 9:00am to 2:00pm
Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, 9981 Pacific St., Prairie City, IA

Using Bison in Reconstructed Prairie Management

This will be a day of informal discussion in which we will examine the role of bison in a reconstructed tallgrass prairie. The Refuge has a herd of about 45 adult bison in an 800 acre area that has been planted with tallgrass prairie and is managed with ecological restoration as its primary goal. Bison present opportunities as well as challenges to the restoration work. We will visit the enclosure to observe and discuss issues including differences and similarities in bison and cattle and other considerations such as: grazing, wallowing, movement, other behaviors, seed dispersal, invasive species, burning, erosion, and bison management. 

Please contact the refuge at 515‐994‐3400 to register.
There is no fee to attend. Please bring your own lunch and come prepared to be in the field most of the day.