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Soil and Water Conservation

Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge

Soil & Water Conservation Merit Badge Patch

Requirement #7 Do TWO of the following (some lettered choices omitted based on relevance to Irvine Prairie - check link in merit badge heading for further requirements reference):


(a) Make a trip to TWO of the following places. Write a report of more than 500 words about the soil and water and energy conservation practices you saw. 

  • (1) An agricultural experiment 
  • (2) A managed forest or woodlot, range, or pasture 
  • (3) A wildlife refuge or a fish or game management area 
  • (4) A conservation-managed farm or ranch 
  • (5) A managed watershed 
  • (6) A waste-treatment plant 
  • (7) A public drinking water treatment plant 
  • (8) An industry water use installation 
  • (9) A desalinization plant