Tallgrass Prairie Center


Resources for Seed Mix Design

Seed mix design is an important focus of research and application at the Tallgrass Prairie Center.  With the proprer customized seed mix, you can maximize the quality of the planting while minimizing unnecessary costs.  The planting will be more weed resistant and provide erosion control, soil quality improvement,  water infiltration, nutrient reduction and wildlife habitat for many years.  This page provides links to several resources you may find helpful:

--Three part video series on seed mix design (about 12 minutes each).  

Part I:  Assess the Planting Site

Part II: What species belong? Books and resources.

Part III: Using a soils map to determine the drainage class of your site.

--Designing Seed Mixes (pdf of book chapter from the Tallgrass Prairie Center Guide to Prairie Restoration in the Upper Midwest by Smith, Williams, Houseal and Henderson. 

--Model seed mixes for poorly drained, will-drained and excessively drained soil types (pdf)