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Projects on the Ground

The Tallgrass Prairie Center has partnered with 10 northeast Iowa landowners to install in-field and edge-of-field prairie strips at the sites shown on the map below. Collaborators on these projects include various local watershed authorities, the Iowa Watershed Approach and Iowa State University STRIPS.

POF sites

Scroll down to learn more about these Prairie on Farms sites, and what our landowner-partners are saying about their prairie strips.



Location:  Black Hawk County
Watershed:   Middle Cedar
Date planted:  Fall 2015, Fall 2016
Acres:  1.42
Seed mix: Diversity (50:50 forb to grass)


Jerry Kramer:

"A pheasant flew out of a prairie strip last fall. That was the first time in years I’ve seen one on either of our farms. The three-year-old planting has become especially colorful; it’s interesting walking through it and seeing the spectacular insect life."

"On the practical side, the two strips have successfully mitigated a soil erosion issue."

Right: Jerry Kramer (left) and TPC Program Manager Justin Meissen prepare to seed Jerry's prairie strips.

Below: Early season, in-field prairie strip on the Kramer Farm.






Location:  Benton County
Watershed:   Middle Cedar
Date planted:  Spring 2015
Acres:  9
Seed mixes: Economy (30:70 forb to grass), Diversity (50:50 forb to grass), Pollinator (60:40 forb to grass)


Randy Luze:

"We put these strips into tillable crop land to slow water, and we’re already noticing less erosion. We’ve been happiest with the economy and diversity mixes; they’ve done the best crowding out weeds and are the easiest to maintain. The strips were set up to work with our equipment, and that’s gone well. A benefit for our neighbors: The strips provide habitat for pheasant hunting."

Right: Randy Luze discusses the strips at a field day on his farm.

Below: Aerial shot of strips layout and second-year strip.



Luze drone shot

Luze diversity



Location:  Grundy County
Watershed:   Middle Cedar
Date planted:  Fall 2016, Spring 2017
Acres:  11
Seed mix: Pollinator (60:40 forb to grass)

Larry Roadman:

"Planting prairie expands our family's multi-generational land conservation efforts. It’s given us an opportunity to work and learn in partnership with an awesome team: the Tallgrass Prairie Center; Iowa State University; federal, state and county agencies; our farm management company (Hertz Farm Management) and our farm operator (the Dudden family)."

Right: Larry Roadman (left) talks with Justin Meissen at a field day on the Roadman Farm.

Below: Edge-of-field prairie buffer and in-field strips on the Roadman Farm.




Roadman buffer

Roadman strips