Tallgrass Prairie Center


Root Recipients

Cerro Gordo root display

The following educational facilities in Iowa have been awarded a preserved prairie root for use in displays and programming.
These roots were sponsored by Iowa's Living Roadway Trust Fund.
To see images of each recipient's display, click on the links below and then on the thumbnails.


Ann Smeltzer Charitable Trust
Smeltzer Iowa Learning Farm
Switchgrass + Purple Prairie Clover

Benton County Conservation Board
Benton County Nature Center

Black Hawk County Conservation Board
Hartman Reserve Nature Center
Big Bluestem + Leadplant

Boone County SWCD
USDA Service Center
Big Bluestem + Pale Purple Coneflower
+ Compass Plant

Buchanan County Conservation Board
Fontana Interpretive Nature Center
Big Bluestem    

Cerro Gordo Co. Conservation Board
Lime Creek Nature Center

Chickasaw Co. Conservation Board
Twin Ponds Nature Center
Big Bluestem

Clayton County Conservation Board
Osborne Nature Center
Big Bluestem

Davenport, City of
Natural Resources Department
Big Bluestem

Des Moines County Historical Society
Heritage Center Museum
Big Bluestem

Dickinson County Conservation Board
Dickinson County Nature Center
Big Bluestem

Grundy County Conservation Board
Grundy County Heritage Museum
Big Bluestem

Hardin County Conservation
Calkins Nature Area
Big Bluestem

Indian Creek Nature Center
Wild Rose

Iowa County Conservation
Lake Iowa Nature Center
Big bluestem

Iowa & Johnson County Soil and Water Conservation Districts
East-Central Iowa USDA Service Centers

Jackson County Conservation
Hurstville Interpretive Center
Big bluestem

Kirkwood Community College
Parks and Natural Resources

Madison County Conservation Board
Pammel Park Nature Center
Rigid Goldenrod

Marshall County Conservation Board
Grimes Farm & Conservation Center

Meskwaki Department of Natural Resource
Big Bluestem

Mills County Conservation
Pony Creek Nature Center
Switchgrass + Compass Plant

Mitchell County Conservation Board
Milton R. Owen Nature Center
Butterfly Weed

Muscatine County County Conservation Board
Environmental Learning Center
Big Bluestem

Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge
Prairie Learning Center
Big Bluestem        

O'Brien County Conservation Board
Prairie Heritage Center

Osceola County Conservation
Willow Creek Nature Center
Big bluestem

Palo Alto County Conservation Board
Lost Island Nature Center
Compass Plant

Prairie Rivers RC&D
Big Bluestem + Butterfly weed

Ringgold County Conservation Board
Dragoon Trace Nature Center

Sioux County Conservation Board
Nature Center
Prairie Sage

Wapello County Conservation Board
Pioneer Ridge Nature Center
Big Bluestem

Winneshiek County Conservation Board
Lake Meyer Park
Showy Tick Trefoil