Tallgrass Prairie Center


Outdoor Education Materials List

General Outdoor Education Materials List


  • Attendance list, medical chart, school preparedness guides, and red/green placards
  • Phone or walkie-talkie
  • Whistle
  • First aid kit/bandages
  • Pencils & pencil sharpeners, chalk, other writing utensils
  • Ziploc bags or small storage containers
  • Tablets or technology for journaling, taking pictures, etc.
  • Clipboards
  • Paper
  • Water bottles
  • Magnifying glasses/hand lenses
  • Tweezers for prodding in soil/grass
  • Garbage bag for trash found
  • Insect repellent, sunscreen
  • Field guides
  • Containers or large container for nature collections

Note: Try to use this list as a starting point to consider what you and your classes may need. Develop it with your students and involve them in the process. Consider creating kits ahead of time for certain activities, certain classes, or groups of students to help act as moderators and helpers for you.