Tallgrass Prairie Center

Prospective Growers

Commercial Seed Production

Natural SelectionsTM seed is produced and marketed as certified Source Identified seed by licensed commercial producers. Application for production rights to Natural SelectionsTM foundation seed must be made to the Tallgrass Prairie Center. License fee, Initial Application (PDF) and Commercialization Agreement (PDF) are required. Separate application for source identified certification must be made to Iowa Crop Improvement Association, and is also required. Individuals who would like to collect, increase, and certify seed from their own sources may apply directly to ICIA for certification.


Transfer of Production Rights (Licensee to Licensee)

Licensed or unlicensed producers wanting to obtain Natural SelectionsTM germplasm for certified production directly from other Licensee(s) should use the form: Authorization to Transfer (PDF). Signed approval must be obtained from the Tallgrass Prairie Center before any transactions of Natural SelectionsTM seed for production purposes occur.