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Monarch Conservation Webinar - Why Pollinator Habitat Makes Sense on Your Land: Maximizing the Potential of Working Acres

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Register here for the May 2019 Monarch Conservation Webinar. You will receive additional details about participating in the webinar in a follow up email prior to the webinar. This series is a collaborative effort between the Monarch Joint Venture and the National Conservation Training Center. We look forward to your participation!

Title: Why Pollinator Habitat Makes Sense on Your Land: Maximizing the Potential of Working Acres

Date: Tuesday 5/28 2 PM Eastern Time


• Seth Applegate, Research Agronomist, Iowa State University Monarch Research Team

• Wayne Fredericks, Board Member, American Soybean Association

• Jonathan Geurts, Senior Policy Manager, Keystone Policy Center


It doesn't take a lot of space to make valuable habitat for monarch butterflies, pollinators, and other beneficial insects that yields dividends for the agricultural landowner, as well.  This webinar, delivered by the Keystone Monarch Collaborative, will make the economic and ecological case for establishing habitat adjacent to working farmland.  Seth's research and Wayne's in-field expertise match hard numbers with hard-earned experience to convey the realities of managing for beneficial insects.  They will point out several ways to get started, from maximizing the potential already embedded in field margins to pairing conservation programs with precision ag technology.  Attendees can expect to leave with ways to access the locally specific resources they need to determine if habitat really does make sense on their land.  This is the first of two webinars with the Keystone Monarch Collaborative this summer for agricultural landowners and managers.  The second on July 23rd will dive into the trials and triumphs of those who have attempted to establish habitat plantings.