Tallgrass Prairie Center


Monarch Conservation Webinar - Engagement and Education with Monarchs

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Register here for the September 2019 Monarch Conservation Webinar. You will receive additional details about participating in the webinar in a follow up email prior to the webinar. This series is a collaborative effort between the Monarch Joint Venture and the National Conservation Training Center. We look forward to your participation!

Title: Engagement and Education with Monarchs

Date: Tuesday 9/24, 2 PM Eastern Time

Katie-Lyn Bunney, Monarch Joint Venture Education Coordinator
Additional partners to be announced.

Description: Join the Monarch Joint Venture Education Coordinator for an overview of how monarchs can be used as an education tool in classrooms and informal settings year round. Monarchs' inherent charisma make them an ideal organism on which to focus lessons and activities in order to engage with students and a broad array of audiences. This webinar will touch on various lessons, activities and curricula available from Monarch Joint Venture partners for you to use in your monarch education and outreach opportunities.