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Discover Iowa's Native Roadsides


If you want to learn more about what a county roadside program manager does and how this person can save a county money, watch two short interviews with Jones County employees on this page. 

Do you want to learn who to contact in your county with a question about your county's roadside vegetation? Check out this map to find out more. The map below shows what department each roadside manager is located in for those counties who have a roadside manager on staff.


Map showing which department each county roadside vegetation manager works in (secondary roads, conservation, or independent, reporting directly to the board of supervisors)

This video includes images of a Story County roadside planting.


View the Showcase of Native Roadsides to catch a glimpse of the wonderful and important work done by roadside managers and county engineers across the state, or take this Google Voyager tour of roadside locations in Northeast Iowa. Click here to join our e-newsletter, full of resources for Iowa counties looking to start a roadside program and success stories from those who already have. 

Want more information on the Iowa native plants you can find in our public rights-of-way? Check out the Native Plants Database at the Iowa Living Roadway Trust Fund's website.



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