Tallgrass Prairie Center


Starting a program

Roadside managerCounties choose IRVM because they want cost-effective, responsible and sustainable roadside management. The county board of supervisors – often with input from a formal IRVM citizen committee – determines how to accomplish these goals.

The best way to achieve IRVM objectives is to hire a full-time roadside manager. This person oversees spraying, mowing, brush control, fire management, vegetation establishment and compliance with the Iowa Weed Law and other state and county regulations.

Long-term savings are expected through the establishment of permanent, competitive and well-adapted native vegetation. Immediate savings are realized through the use of county personnel with LRTF-funded, vegetation management equipment to conduct in-house operations.

County IRVM programs can be operated successfully within the engineer’s office, the county conservation board or as an independent department. All three have advantages:

IRVM program organization

                                                                       2019 County Roadside Manager Departments

Additional information about starting a county program is available by contacting the IRVM Program Manager, Kristine Nemec, at 319-273-2813 or kristine.nemec@uni.edu