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Starting a program

Native roadside vegetation

Roadside managerCounties choose to start a roadside program because they want cost-effective, responsible and sustainable roadsides. The county board of supervisors – often with input from a formal citizen committee – determines how to accomplish these goals.

The best way for a county to have leadership within the county is to hire a full-time roadside manager. This person oversees spraying, mowing, brush control, fire management, vegetation establishment and compliance with the Iowa Weed Law and other state and county regulations.

Long-term savings are expected through the establishment of permanent, competitive and well-adapted native vegetation. Immediate savings are realized through the use of county personnel with LRTF-funded, vegetation management equipment to conduct in-house operations.

For more information about the benefits of having a program, read the white paper Roadside Weeds, Brush, and Erosion: How Your County or City Can Manage Them to Create Safe, Healthy Roadsides and Roads.

County roadside programs can be operated successfully within the engineer’s office, the county conservation board or as an independent department. All three have advantages:

IRVM program organization

                                                                       Map showing which department each roadside manager is located in

Additional information about starting a county program is available by contacting the Iowa Roadside Management state wide coordinator, Kristine Nemec, at 319-273-2813 or kristine.nemec@uni.edu


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