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Living Roadway Trust Fund

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Funding for counties

Since 1990, Iowa Roadside Management programs have had the opportunity to apply for funding from the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Living Roadway Trust Fund. Eligibility for this funding requires that a county have an IRVM plan on file with the LRTF Coordinator. This plan sets the county’s overall roadside management guidelines as well as annual and long-term goals and objectives.

Counties may submit applications to the LRTF each year to acquire resources for their roadside programs. Examples of LRTF-funded items include seed; seed storage facilities; site prep and seeding equipment; prescribed fire, erosion control and weed management equipment. Training and public education are also funded.

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                                                                              Contact the LRTF for detailed funding guidelines.


                      HydroseederMowing a ditch in Bremer County

                      Photo credit: Douglas Todey

                                          Full or partial LRTF funding is available for items such as hydroseeders, brush chippers and training.