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Education at Irvine Prairie

high school students exploring a prairie with insect nets

Who can learn at Irvine Prairie?

Irvine Prairie welcomes these and other groups to explore and discover a planted prairie: 

  • Public & parochial schools
  • Homeschool
  • Youth groups
  • 4-H clubs
  • FFA groups
  • Scouts
  • Conservation groups


What can you do at Irvine Prairie?


a boy takes a picture of an insect on an adult's hand in the prairie

Irvine Prairie is an outdoor environment where people of all ages can explore and find connections among multiple disciplines. Eight acres of prairie were seeded in 2018, 19 acres in 2019, and 18.5 acres are planned for 2020 seeding. For a map, visit the Irvine Prairie Restoration and Land Management page. As the prairie develops, we will add trails, but you are welcome to walk through the prairie as it is. Please stay off the most recently planted area, which was mowed this year to help prairie plants establish.

Learn about what kinds of plants and animals you can expect to find. View or print a free guide to Irvine Prairie wildflowers or birds by clicking the button below:

Irvine Prairie Observation Guides




Suggested activities:

  • Free exploration and play
  • Hiking, kite-flying, sledding, cross country skiing
  • Photography, plein air painting, nature journaling
  • Observing and identifying prairie plants, insects, and birds
  • Geocaching
  • Scout merit badge work for Nature, Insect Study, Plant Science, Bird Study, and Environmental Science badges
  • Citizen science - tag monarch butterflies for Monarch Watch; report sightings on Journey North (monarchs), Bumble Bee Watch, iNaturalist
  • Special events will be announced on the Tallgrass Prairie Center Facebook page.



Planning a visit to Irvine Prairie

  • Please read the Irvine Prairie Visitor Policy page. It has helpful information for planning your experience.
  • If you are visiting as an individual, family, or small group, please feel free to simply come out and explore.
  • Please register tours or field trips for larger groups using the Irvine Prairie Group Registration Form. This will avoid conflicts between groups and help us to accommodate requests for a portable toilet (1 week’s notice) or volunteer guide (4 weeks’ notice), if so desired.
  • For a map and directions, go to Irvine Prairie on Google Maps. Be aware that the road to the site is gravel and may not be passable in all seasons.



For questions or more information about education at Irvine Prairie, please contact:

Laura Walter at laura.walter@uni.edu or 319-273-3005





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