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Insect Study

Insect Study Merit Badge

Insect Study Merit Badge Patch

Requirement #5 Do the following: 

  • (a) Observe 20 different live species of insects in their habitat. In your observations, include at least four orders of insects. 
  • (b) Make a scrapbook of the 20 insects you observe in 5a. Include photographs, sketches, illustrations, and articles. Label each insect with its common and scientific names, where possible. Share your scrapbook with your merit badge counselor 

Requirement #6 Do the following: 

  • (a) From your scrapbook collection, identify three species of insects helpful to humans and five species of insects harmful to humans. 
  • (b) Discuss the use of integrated pest management vs. chemical methods of insect control. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?