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Graduate Assistantships

Grqaduate Assistantships

Graduate assistants are an important part of the Tallgrass Prairie Center.  When grant funding allows, we are able to support graduate students in the Department of Biology to conduct research and earn a Masters Degree.  See the Department of Biology for complete information on the application process.  A list of past graduate students who have worked at the Tallgrass Prairie Center, and their thesis topics, is available here.

A graduate assistantship is currently available beginning Spring 2021. The Graduate Assistant will investigate the value of common Conservation Reserve Program practices in Eastern Iowa for monarch butterfly recovery, using  a mixture of literature review, data mining and Summer 2021/22 field surveys . Please contact the project PI, Laura Jackson, for details.  

Announcements of assistantship openings, when available, will be posted on this page. A sample description of Graduate Assistantship duties is here. 

We have a communications graduate assistantship open for the 2023-24 academic year; the description of this Graduate Assistantship is here.

When a  Graduate Assistantship beginning in the Fall semester is available, the deadline for application is February 1.

When a Graduate Assistantship beginning in the Spring semester is available, the deadline for application is November 1.