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Communications Merit Badge (ER)

Communications Merit Badge Patch

Requirement #7: Three options to choose ONE from (including all for clarity)

  • 7a. Write to the editor of a magazine or your local newspaper to express your opinion or share information on any subject you choose. Send your message by fax, email, or regular mail.
  • 7b: Create a webpage or blog of special interest to you (for instance, your troop or crew, a hobby, or a sport). Include at least three articles or entries and one photograph or illustration, and one link to some other webpage or blog that would be helpful to someone who visits the webpage or blog you have created. It is not necessary to post your webpage or blog to the internet, but if you decide to do so, you must first share it with your parents and counselor and get their permission
  • 7c: Use desktop publishing to produce a newsletter, brochure, flier, or other printed material for your troop or crew, class at school, or other group. Include at least one article and one photograph or illustration.

*NOTE: This requirement (specifically 7c) could be related more to the Tallgrass Prairie Center and how the work accomplished through the center is good for the community and the greater state of Iowa. Green Iowa AmeriCorps also recruits members and volunteers that are placed in the Tallgrass Prairie Center and throughout Iowa. Creating a flier or brochure for either one of these organizations is an excellent option for you to connect to and learn about the community and satisfy an Eagle Requirement. For more info and who can help connect you to what you need, please contact Laura Walter: laura.walter@uni.edu or 319-273-3005