Sample Burn Plan

Sample Burn Plan thompsbb

Prescribed Burn Management Plan

Location: West side of Apple Ave. between 120th St. and 130th St.

Prescribed burn parameter for this location

Temperature: 40–70 F

Wind direction(s): East or southeast

Wind speed: < 15 miles per hour

Relative humidity (%): > 30%

Personnel requirements: 1 crew boss, 1 additional

Equipment requirements: 1 pump truck (300 gallons), hand tools, 1 backpack sprayer

Potential hazards:

  • Wood utility poles (x6)
  • Phone box 20 yds. north of farm drive
  • Corn stubble in adjacent field (tilled)
  • Stop sign
  • Plastic culvert under farm drive

Prepared fire breaks required


  • Wet line near intersection of Apple Ave. and 120th St.
  • Wet lines around potential hazards

Potential anchor points: Northwest or southwest corners

Special concerns:

  • Heavy traffic on Apple Ave. after 3 p.m.
  • Acreages/farms located to the west and northwest


Smooth brome abundant on the north end – early spring burn desired


Emergency phone:

Local fire district:

‌Conservation Board Office

Prairie City Fire Department